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The company was founded in 1922 in Hennef by Carl Räuchle as a workshop for turned fountain pens . For a long time, the brand was almost unknown. It gained notoriety in the 1950s, when diplomat as one of the first manufacturers in Germany brought a ballpoint pen on the market, making popular from the United States ballpoint pen in Germany. In 1958 Diplomat introduced the first cartridge filler . The concept spread very quickly in the episode.

In the 1980s Diplomat was taken over by the Stuttgart-based company Imco, in 1996 Herlitz bought the brand and continued it as an independent subsidiary, the production moved to Berlin . In 2001 the production was moved to the Saxon Cunewalde . There, the stationery brand Markant were already produced in the GDR. In 2004 Diplomat was sold to Helit . On September 1, 2016, Diplomat passed to French entrepreneur Mathias Ringeard, who now serves as Managing Director of Diplomat Deutschland GmbH.

Stimulate respect..

It is the combination of an exceptional know-how and high
quality materials, that allows our pens, to stand the test of
time and anchor the link between generations.
We chose metal as manufacturing material, to ensure a
perfect balance and impact resistance, to all of our ranges.
Our fountain pen nibs are custom made from Stainless
Steel and 14K Gold, both offering a real writing comfort and
a unique sensation of control.
EasyFlow, our ink refill for ball pens, offers an incomparable
writing smoothness.
Our pens are all manufactured and manually tested in our
workshops, because no machine can replace the guidance
and expertise of a passionate craftsman.
This high level manufacturing process, explains why
DIPLOMAT writing instruments stand the test of time and
continue to share your stories.

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